Be a Researcher for Health and Long Life

How many times have you seen a news article about the cost of health care for the elderly?

People want to live longer but do not want society to be saddled with unmanageable health care costs for everyone over 50 (or 60 (or 70) . . .).

Rarely do you see an article about the ways exercise helps us stay younger and healthier and live longer. There is information out there. The medical profession acknowledges the positive effects on longevity and reducing the incidence of disease that results from even a small amount of moderate exercise.

Be a researcher for health and long life. Exercise daily. Keep track of what you do, how you feel and how healthy you are. Be ready some day to share your results.

And, in the meantime, enjoy the feeling of breathing more deeply, having more energy, feeling stronger, sleeping better, and staying healthier.