Favorite Training Sources

What do you use to guide your training?

Many people simply row. Like going for an evening walk or morning jog, getting on the rowing machine and just rowing is fine. Whether you do a planned workout or simply stay on the machine for a set time or distance, you are doing yourself good.

Some new rowers or non-rowers know someone with more experience. Someone like that can offer ideas for you to use for one row or a routine.

Some rowers hire a coach to guide them. Whether the coach provides sample workouts or a week-to-week routine, the expertise of the coach can help make your time on the rowing machine more productive for you, especially if it is targeted toward your goals.

Many rowers use books or online resources that offer workouts and routines and, selecting from those, apply what they have learned to their own routines.  You may find information on the websites offered by the two leading rowing machine manufacturers – Concept2 and WaterRower. You may have purchased Lisa Schlenker’s “75 Workouts” or Marlene Royle’s “Tip of the Blade” or Darryl Wilkinson’s “Indoor Rowing for Fitness and Competition.”  Another much-used resource is Mike Caviston’s online materials on the “Wolverine Plan.”

What resources do you use?