Am I Hungry or Full: Exercise First

Nutritionists and sports therapists will often point out that exercise can affect diet in positive ways. After you exercise, you may feel less hungry. And you will want to eat something that fuels your body more effectively with better nutrition.

But also consider the feeling of hunger in the afternoon, the feeling before you row:

I am driving back from a meeting. I can go back to my desk and work; or I can get a snack or early dinner; or I can go for a row first. I feel hungry. And then I realize that I also feel full.

On the hungry side, I want a burst of energy; I long for something that tastes good; my teeth want to work on a snack, if only a candy bar or an apple or granola.

But at the same time I realize my gut is not sending signals of hunger. The digestive tract has plenty to work on. I have had the experience of rowing when I am somewhat full, too soon after eating or with too much in the tank. It is not comfortable; I cannot breathe as deeply. I do not get as good a workout.

If I row now and eat afterwards, I will enjoy both experiences more.

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